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Department Policies and Procedures

Consolidated Department Policies and Procedures Released for Formal Publication and Distribution to the Public

The following Department policies and procedures were consolidated by the Department for formal publication and distribution to all stakeholders and to the public at large.

Individual Department Policies and Procedures Released Primarily for Internal Use and Informal Publication

Most of the following Department policies and procedures were released as individual pronouncements to the administrative law judges, but are intended for use by all stakeholders and by the public at large. 

ALJ Action

Mail to the Wis. Worker's Compensation Division, DWD

In May 2005, the Department announced the following new policy for sending correspondence to the Worker's Compensation Division that requires action by an administrative law judge: 

The Division receives about 1500 pieces of mail per day on average.  To assist Division staff in routing this high volume of incoming mail, we ask that all correspondence (including facsimile correspondence) requesting some type of action on a litigated claim contain the following label in bold and all capital letters: "ALJ ACTION REQUESTED." The term "action" refers to requests that would normally be brought by motion in a civil case. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • requests for dismissal
  • requests for expedited hearings
  • requests for postponement or cancellation of a hearing
  • requests that a hearing not be scheduled until after a particular date or event
  • requests for assistance in resolving disputes over respondent medical examinations or production of records authorizations
  • requests for prehearing conferences
  • requests for joinder of another party or parties
  • requests for permission to take a deposition under Wis. Stat. § 102.17 (1) (f)

Attorney Fees

Authorization for Release of Records

Child Support

Certified Medical Records

Cost of Records


Domestic Servants

Exparte Communications

Expert Opinions

Home Care Providers

Independent Medical Examinations (IME's) - Wis. Stat. §102.13

Interest On Orders


Loaned Employees - Police

Loss of Earning Capacity

Permanent Partial Disability

Records Confidential

Small Pox Vaccination Reactions

Social Security Claims / Records


Surveillance Videos

  • Klatt v. Milwaukee Composites, Claim No. 1998-065107 & 2000-012004 (LIRC Oct. 16, 2003) -- Use of surveillance videos at hearing. This case was remanded to LIRC from the Circuit Court for Milwaukee County, for the Commission to determine the proper use of surveillance videotapes on worker's compensation claims. The Commission's decision on remand is significant in finally providing guidance on some of the issues relating to surveillance videos. Klatt cites an unpublished court of appeals decision on surveillance videos: Premeau v. LIRC, No. 00-0266 (Wis. Ct. App. Jan. 11, 2001).

Temporary Total Disability