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2013 Wisconsin Acts 5 and 20 Change Procedure for Publication and Citation of new Statutes and Administrative Code Provisions

2013 Wisconsin Act 5, in conjunction with 2013 Wisconsin Act 20 (the 2013-2015 biennial budget), enacted dramatic changes affecting the publication of statutes and acts of the Legislature, as well as publication and distribution of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and Register. Act 5 provides (1) that the publication date of an act is the day after its enactment - which is usually the day after the bill is signed by the governor - and (2) that the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) must publish new acts on the date of publication.  Act 5 further provides that, unless otherwise expressly provided in the act, the effective date of an act is the day after its date of publication.  Act 20 mandates that the LRB electronically publish acts on the internet on their date of publication.  Act 20 also provides that statutes, acts and administrative rules (the code and register) published by the LRB on the internet or in other electronic format, may be cited as prima facie evidence of the law, just like the printed version.  For more detail, see the Inside Track for July 17, 2013, Vol. 5, No. 14 at