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Purchase Paperback Copy of Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act (WKC-1-P. Rev. 04/2011)

The pamphlet edition of the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act (WKC-1-P, Rev. 04/2011) includes the Worker's Compensation Act, the administrative rules (DWD 80 & 81), various related statutes, and all of the basic forms. It is current through April 2011. It is not available from the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Division, DWD. Instead you order it from the Wis. Department of Administration, Document Sales Unit, 202 S. Thornton Avenue, P.O. Box 7840, Madison, WI 53707-7840:

Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act (WKC-1-P, R. 04/2011), with amendments to April 2011; Stock # 1403; $8.20 each (plus sales tax)

You may order by phone using your VISA or MasterCard, at (800) 362-7253 -or- (608) 264-9419. If you need more information you may call them at (608) 266-3358.

In addition to the pamphlet edition of the Worker's Compensation Act, you will also need:

The Latest Amendments to the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act